PROJECT EDU: Your Website Sucks: 5 Website Conversion Pitfalls for Startups

We are so happy to be partnering with DEC Mentor, Brice McBeth founder of  REAP Marketing and  author of “Salon Chairs Don’t Sell Themselves” to teach our second marketing focused Project EDU class on the “5 Website Conversion Pitfalls for Startups”. There was an overwhelming response to the first class on how to effectively use SEO and this next class will continue to be hugely valuable for entrepreneurs in North Texas.

Here is a little bit more that you need to know as a small sample of the what will be coming in this class live from The DEC at on August 17th from 9:15am1:15pm.


Did you know that 99% of all web visitors won’t do what you want them to do when visiting your website? At this ProjectEDU event, we’ll uncover 5 key pitfalls that most startups fall into when building a website, highly inspired by the instructor’s own experience.

In this ProjectEDU lecture, you’ll learn the factors of a website that audiences are looking for when deciding to buy, and how you can maximize your opportunity for sales. Learn how to avoid common mistakes in order to implement a high converting website.

This course is part 2 of a 9 part entrepreneur education series. Click here for discounted packages to the ProjectEDU series. Buy 2, Get 1 for $1!

Class Schedule:

9:15am – Registration
9:30 – 10:30am – Workshop + Q&A + Activity
10:30 – 11am – Break
11am – 1pm – Mentor Sessions with Reap staff (by appointment only)
1-5pm – Free coworking @ The DEC

About ProjectEDU:

ProjectEDU is a signature educational program of The Dallas Entrepreneur (The DEC) established in 2015. Implemented in partnership with local experts, ProjectEDU is designed to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to start, launch and grow successful businesses.

Beginning July 20, 2017, the content and instruction will be led by Brice McBeth, founder of Reap Marketing and author of “Salon Chairs Don’t Sell Themselves”. This unique combination of nine interactive marketing workshops will provide the foundational knowledge for any entrepreneur looking to elevate their startup and rapidly increase