• Innovation

    Rebirth of The West End Historic District

    For the last several months you may have been hearing about the “Rebirth of the West End”. This historic district located in the heart of downtown Dallas’ Central Business District has been known to many natives as a long lost hub for entertainment and tourism. Well, that is all about to change. This seemingly forgotten… Read more »

  • Tasty (and not so tasty!) Facts About Starting a Food Brand

    Fun, fulfilling and fast-paced.  The classic buzz words that we all hope will represent our entrepreneurial journey.  While that is what we aim for, there are many pitfalls along the way.  I hope the following overview gives some insight into the food entrepreneurs journey and helps you achieve your aims in the startup food space!… Read more »

  • Entrepreneurship

    Why Youth Entrepreneurs are MEGA-Entrepreneurs

    I had the distinct pleasure of judging the Youth Entrepreneur Contest at MegaFest this past weekend.  In typical fashion, I was prepared for the standard process of entrepreneurs pitching their ideas and looking for the grand prize.  We had two different groups of students that we got to hear from this morning. 5 entrepreneurs from… Read more »

  • Entrepreneurship

    Project EDU: SEO is a Hoax

    You’ve always heard that SEO is the, “best, free way to show your business to potential customers.” But for startups, this likely would take months or years before any of that hard work pays off. In this educational session, entrepreneur Brice McBeth uncovers the hoax that is traditional SEO. He’ll teach you the best ways… Read more »