• Four key values to look for in a co-founder

    When it comes to co-founders, it’s hard to avoid the marriage analogy. Any partnership has to be founded on basic compatibilities and can thrive only if both parties want the same thing. But the qualities that make for an ideal co-founder can vary, depending upon each entrepreneur’s vision, temperament, communication style and measure of success. Setting up house with… Read more »

  • A new members view of the DEC

    Recently, The DEC, announced it’s PR partnership with Dallas firm TrizCom PR to create Pitch PR: the one stop shop for startup PR. With this partnership The DEC gained a new member, Martin Stein who was gracious enough to share his own story on The DEC, check it out below. Inc. Magazine recently  pointed out  something that North Texans… Read more »

  • It’s Okay To Be A Little Crazy

    I’ve had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs of all types throughout my career. Some are pure visionaries, while others are executors. Only a select few are both. But no matter what type of entrepreneur they may be, they all seem to share at least three qualities, and those are the ones I appreciate most…. Read more »

  • BE INSPIRED: Entrepreneurs are Bucking The Trend in Dallas

    It is often said that 8 out of 10 companies fail within the first two years of launch. Here at The DEC, our goal is to flip that number around so that 8 out of 10 companies actually succeed. But why 2 years? What is so special about 2 years that most companies cannot reach… Read more »

  • How The DEC Filled a Need for Entrepreneurship

    Trey Bowles envisioned a need and quickly met it. He saw the Dallas-Fort Worth area as a burgeoning community of young business owners and leaders, so he led an initiative to launch the Dallas Entrepreneur Center in 2013. They needed direction. He wanted to help this growing group, but “we also felt like that nobody… Read more »

  • Fundraising

    This is the critical stage of connecting entrepreneurs with investors (Video)

    Trey Bowles’ company, Dallas Entrepreneurs Center (DEC), connects up-and-coming businesses with investors. Recently the DEC partnered with Uber for UberPitch, where 35 startups tried to woo six investors. While the event was a success — one entrepreneur called it the best day of his life — the next few months are what really count, according… Read more »