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    How to Win a Startup Pitch Competition

    Win or lose, startup pitch competitions represent a great opportunity for your business to generate buzz, connect with potential mentors and advisors, and even begin the process of securing investors. Pitch competitions can also help you to sharpen and hone your mission, strategy and other key components of your business model. Entrepreneurs would be well… Read more »

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    The DEC’s four-step guide to developing your sales strategy

    One of the greatest challenges facing any startup is developing, implementing and actually getting results from your sales strategy. So much of your talent, time and energy—not to mention your budget—go into making your vision a reality. Consequently, marketing and sales are often afterthoughts, becoming important only when customers prove scarce, or you learn the… Read more »

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    Welcome Fall 2015 Ambassadors

    At the DEC, we work hard to create programs and events that support local entrepreneurs. We hope that are programs provide support, encouragement, and hopefully accountability that will help drive and push entrepreneurs to a place where they are building good companies, with successful strategies and long term aspirations of growth and sustainability. We have a… Read more »

  • Four key values to look for in a co-founder

    When it comes to co-founders, it’s hard to avoid the marriage analogy. Any partnership has to be founded on basic compatibilities and can thrive only if both parties want the same thing. But the qualities that make for an ideal co-founder can vary, depending upon each entrepreneur’s vision, temperament, communication style and measure of success. Setting up house with… Read more »

  • A new members view of the DEC

    Recently, The DEC, announced it’s PR partnership with Dallas firm TrizCom PR to create Pitch PR: the one stop shop for startup PR. With this partnership The DEC gained a new member, Martin Stein who was gracious enough to share his own story on The DEC, check it out below. Inc. Magazine recently  pointed out  something that North Texans… Read more »

  • It’s Okay To Be A Little Crazy

    I’ve had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs of all types throughout my career. Some are pure visionaries, while others are executors. Only a select few are both. But no matter what type of entrepreneur they may be, they all seem to share at least three qualities, and those are the ones I appreciate most…. Read more »