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#WEDALLAS At Home Video Workshop

On Wednesday, July 22nd, The DEC Network, in partnership with Capital One, presented the At Home Video Workshop with WEDallas and The Slate! Nearly 100 women entrepreneurs across North Texas came together virtually to learn how to create self-produced videos – from writing the perfect script and having on-air confidence to promoting the final cut – all from the comfort of home.

Featured speakers and local experts Mike Mayberry, Leah Frazier, Shelly Slater, and Cleo Greene all sat down to give an inspiring virtual video bootcamp that answered all of our audience’s burning questions. They offered support, advice, and insightful information to our WEDallas audience, which resulted in a very successful event.

Mike Mayberry, Creative Strategist, Capital One

Mike, using his extensive knowledge and experience on all things video related, taught our WEDallas audience how to strategically use their smartphone devices to create a high-quality video with a Smartphone Video Workshop.  One of the very first things Mike stated to start the sessions off was, “The first thing that I would tell anyone – and this is true of any business that you’re doing, not just about video production – is to know your audience. Think about who’s watching, and why they care.” Additionally, Mike was able to have candid conversations with the audience on the right equipment needed to make a marketable video and how to enhance recordings.

Leah Frazier, President, Think Three Media

 A local icon within the media industry and North Texas community, Leah Frazier held an influential and fantastic Video Marketing 101 Workshop to go over how to make your promotional video more marketable. With an extensive and detailed PowerPoint, she gave the audience tips to use across all social media platforms, how to effectively use video to reach a wider audience, and how to increase ROI engagement. Throughout her session, she answered any and all of the audience’s questions, and overall held a fantastic session that got plenty of great feedback from the audience that attended. Doing what Leah Frazier does best, she positively lifted the virtual audience up by reminding everyone that “people want positive, inspiring and motivating content right now with everything going on in this world,” suggesting that everyone should do their best to keep their content positive and uplifting during this difficult time. 

Shelly Slater, Co-founder, The Slate, andCleo Greene, Morning Anchor and Social Media Reporter, WFAA

During our WEDallas virtual event, attendees got the option to pick from one of two mini sessions: ‘On-Camera Confidence’ with Cleo Greene, or ‘Write Your Story’ with Shelly Slater. The sessions were a great success!  Both sessions and speakers were very interactive, letting audience members chime in with questions, comments, and stories pertaining to the topic being discussed. There were lots of laughs, but also some more vulnerable, personal moments.

One of the most memorable comments Cleo Greene made in her fantastic session was, “People love imperfection, because it makes you more relatable.”  This quote resonated with many of the audience members, and also brought much relief to some. Greene went on to explain her own experience with being true to herself on camera and all of the recognition she has gotten for that. Cleo Greene’s session about on-camera confidence was both insightful and very impactful, leaving the audience with a feeling of confidence and passion. 

Two of the biggest, most important takeaways from Shelly Slater’s session were, “WIIFM: What’s in it for me?” and “When you’re stuck and you have no clue where to start, or when in doubt, start with a question!” These are both statements Slater uses personally, and lives by.  She even spent multiple minutes giving examples of how to start phrases with questions! Both of these quotes relate back to creating your own story, and how to decipher what is and is not important.  Overall, the interactive mini-sessions were a huge victory that received much praise from viewers!

In case you missed out, you can still watch the Video Marketing 101 Workshop with Leah Frazierhere. Share your thoughts on social using #WEDallas and don’t miss out on our next WEDallas event coming up in September. Sign up for the latest updates here.

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