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The Safe Way To Pay for Dallas Entrepreneurs

The DEC Network is excited to partner with PayPal to offer education materials, product information, and tutorials around a new way to accept touch-free payments: PayPal QR Codes.

Necessity often breeds innovation and PayPal has reimagined QR codes for the current climate, allowing businesses to accept payments from customers at a distance, helping to keep everyone involved in the transaction process safe, without sacrificing speedy service.

Why should I use QR codes for my business?

In this touch-free era, there are many benefits to using PayPal QR codes as a payment option for your customers as a business owner, including:

  • QR codes allow you to continue serving customers without fundamentally changing your business model.
  • QR codes can help expand your business, creating an easy way to offer delivery and pickup services.
  • If your business is on-the-go and you don’t either have or typically use a storefront location (i.e. landscapers, handymen, dog walkers, etc…), the mobility of QR codes lets you operate your business anytime, nearly anywhere.
  • Generally, when upgrading ways customers can purchase goods and services from your business, a costly terminal or POS (Point of Sale) is required. With QR codes, all that’s needed is a smartphone (and the PayPal app) to scan or display a code.
  • Nothing beats convenience, and QR codes are a fast and simple way to transfer payment information between you and your customers. Plus, they’re one-size-fits-all; so one code can help service all your transaction needs.
  • Due to the current global pandemic, our health and wellbeing (and that of our loved ones) has become paramount. With QR codes, handling physical forms of payment is no longer necessary, giving both you and your customers peace-of-mind during the transaction process.

How can I access this safe and easy way to get paid in-person?

Accepting payments via PayPal QR Codes is simple: just open the PayPal app, show your QR code, and have your customer scan it. It’s that easy – and the best part, you get paid quickly and securely.

Get started today with PayPal QR Codes and help propel your business into the future of the global consumer marketplace.

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