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Her History | A Fireside Chat with Erica Molett

Throughout the month of March and in honor of Women’s History Month, The DEC Network is highlighting incredible female entrepreneurs who are making a difference in North Texas.

On Monday, March 15th, The DEC Network held an event with guest speaker Erica Molett. Erica is the founder and owner of Expansion Solutions Consulting, Kandake Tech and Beyond the Ball, and is an incredible woman with a passion for her community. She has a background in finance and economics, and throughout her career, she has gained national recognition from the Department of Justice, Department of Labor, State Senate, and the White House, which has provided her with the several speaking opportunities throughout Austin, TX and Washington DC.

During this event, we got an inside look from Erica at what it’s like to be both a mom and an entrepreneur and how she manages to successfully handle both. She shared not only what it’s like to be a woman entrepreneur, but what it’s like to be an entrepreneur of color as well, and her recommendations for other women who want to follow an entrepreneurial path. She also shared that her best advice for other women is to “build your business at your own speed, but at the same time, don’t always label yourself as ‘woman this’ or ‘woman that’”.

Along with that great advice, we also got to hear Erica’s personal experience regarding how COVID-19 impacted her and her businesses this past year. She described this past year as “a wonderful year of growth” in her business life, and she had the opportunity to grow her network exponentially. She hopes to carry this success forward in the upcoming years, and she hopes to be a part of conversations to help other entrepreneurs achieve the same growth as well.

In case you missed this insightful event, you can still watch it here.

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