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DSW Speaker Series with Jasmine Fain

Get a preview of what’s to come at #DSW21 during our Dallas Startup Week Series!

On April 22, 2021 we welcomed Jasmine Fain to speak at our DSW 2021 Speaker Series. Jasmine is a Southern Dallas Native and graduated from Oklahoma State University. She uses her knowledge in social enterprise startup business development, grant writing, and marketing to create spaces for underrepresented organizations/companies in our world. Her days are now spent serving as a Nonprofit and Social Enterprise Strategist; teaching nonprofits to Create Cashflow Without Grants by scaling their revenue like a tech startup, and CEO of ENPWR U, a social enterprise startup she established to create a marketplace for nonprofits to advertise their programs directly to Black and impoverished communities.

During the event, Jasmine goes in depth about how nonprofits can grow like tech startups and teaches them how to create cashflow without any grants. She also explains the difference between a startup company and a social enterprise startup and their benefits. Jasmine even goes on to explain various social impact terms that are important to know for nonprofits entering into the tech startup space. Throughout the event, she touches on various important characteristics that are important for anyone in the industry to know, such as fundraising, key responsibilities, different types of funding, and even how to craft a 60-second pitch.

In case you missed our first event in our #DSWSeries, you can watch it here.

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