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We are launching a new location at the Centrum in Uptown!


In partnership with the Capital Factory, The Dallas Entrepreneur Center will be launching a new location at the newly renovated office space that already boasts innovation and entrepreneurial tenants such as RewardStyle, Salesforce…

Update on The RedBird Entrepreneur Center


2017 was a great year of planning, strategy and execution for The RedBird Entrepreneur Center! We received amazing corporate and community support and streamlined our programming plan for our 201…

The DEC Ambassador class of 2017


We may be a little biased here at The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, but we feel like the luckiest organization in the DFW area (maybe even the world) for having…

ProjectEDU: Snagging Sales from Your Competition


Most entrepreneurs either have never paid to market their website because they’re scared of failure and the consequence of wasting money, or they pay for traffic but fail miserably at converting…

#DECStories: Wins from DEC Members


The DEC was created to help entrepreneurs start, build, and grow businesses. We have helped companies in a myriad of different ways by providing the key tools and resources necessary to…

It’s Okay To Be A Little Crazy


I’ve had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs of all types throughout my career. Some are pure visionaries, while others are executors. Only a select few are both. But no…

5 Reasons Startups Fail


Ever wonder why so many companies fail despite having a great idea, supportive market, and a lot of funding? The answer is surprisingly simple and often repeated over and over…

Project EDU: SEO is a Hoax


You’ve always heard that SEO is the, “best, free way to show your business to potential customers.” But for startups, this likely would take months or years before any of…

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