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How Non-Techies Can Launch Successful Tech Startups

As a non-techie, If you want to launch a successful tech startup, your goal shouldn’t be to learn how to code it…your goal is to learn how to build the right team and implement the right processes to execute your idea and bring it to market as fast as possible, so you don’t miss the market opportunity.
Join us for a FREE online masterclass, where Nelly Yusupova, CTO with 18 years experience, Startup Tech Advisor, and creator of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs, will share what non-technical founders need to know to launch a successful tech startup.
You will learn:
The one most important skill that you must have in the early stages of your startup to be successful.
Why it’s so hard to find a technical co-founder or CTO and what you should do instead to get your idea off the ground.
Two money saving skills you should have to test ideas without engaging a developer!
How to define your MVP properly to reduce the cost and time of development.
The importance of process.

This Female Serial Entrepreneur Shares Her Best Tips for Scaling a Business and Achieving Success

There are a lot of people out there with great ideas. But having an idea isn’t enough—you need to find a way to bring it to life. To do this, you need to prototype quickly, know your customer intimately before building the final product and figure out how to best collect feedback so that you can bring something to market that solves a problem for your potential customers.

Take it from serial entrepreneur Shanna Tellerman, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Tellerman is one of very few females to have sat on both sides of the negotiating table in Silicon Valley—serving as a partner for the investing team at Google Ventures before raising more than $70 million for the online interior design company she founded, Modsy.

Tellerman will shed light on how to grow and scale a business right during a free webinar presented by Oracle NetSuite and produced by Entrepreneur. Interviewed by Dynamic Communication: 27 Strategies to Grow, Lead, and Manage Your Business author Jill Schiefelbein, Tellerman will share the story of Modsy and provide a framework for how any company can emulate their path to scalability and success.

Attendees of his webinar will learn:
– How to identify problems that need to be solved for your potential client base
– Strategies for combining unique areas of expertise to create solutions
– Dealing with imposter syndrome–how a fine arts major became a partner at Google Ventures and went on to develop, sell, and run multiple businesses
– What to do to make sure your business is at the cutting edge by cultivating feedback
– Scaling your business by making sure your employees can do what they do best

Woman Owned Wednesday

This monthly webinar features either a woman who’s successfully grown her own business or a representative from a Dallas/Fort Worth organization that provides resources to help female entrepreneurs succeed. Grab your lunch while you learn about business success strategies and the resources available to help you launch or grow your business.
June – featuring Magaly Chocano, CEO of SWEB Development, a full-service digital agency she founded in 2008. She also founded \”The Good Guilt,\” an athletic wear company empowering women to put themselves first and is s a native of Madrid, Spain.

Startup Info Session

The Startup Info Session will share a step by step checklist with the important steps that you need to be taking before launching your business. This virtual session is for individuals in the pre-startup stage who are seeking support with the launch of their business.

Investing in Technology is Investing for Your Cause

Legacy expense management software is expensive and doesn’t meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. So how can you modernize your expense management process without taking time away from your mission or breaking the bank?

Join us Thursday, June 17th at 1 PM ET for a live webinar to learn the details on how non-profits can modernize expense management processes without taking time and money away from your mission.

During the one-hour webinar, we will discuss:

Common challenges non-profits face today when accounting for organizational spend and employee expenses
Best practices to track expenses and approvals, account for projects and grants and ensure strong compliance and audit
New Center features designed to improve visibility and control of non-profit expenses

Comerica Bank & Shofner Consulting Small Business Legal: IP

All businesses, large and small, have copyrights and trade secrets. Each type of intellectual property is a valuable asset for a small business. Small business attorney Kelsey Shofner will talk about what is a copyright, what is a trade secret, how they are valuable to small businesses, and what small businesses should do to protect them.

Leaders Online: Cyber Risk: Where are we headed?

Cyber risk exposures are lurking in the operations of all businesses. With cyber liability, it’s a matter of “when” not “if” you will be targeted. Join us on June 14 to hear from Gray Holden, Managing Director with Higginbotham Insurance and Financial Services. With over 25 years of experience, Gray is Higginbotham’s practice leader in the Management Liability Space and will walk us through claims and loss trends, insuring agreements, and underwriting market trends. Jeremy Park, CEO of cityCURRENT, will conduct the interview, so please feel free to submit questions beforehand to

2nd Annual State of Texas Women Veterans: The Pitch


We’re have reached out to engaged Women Veterans across the State of Texas to share their brilliant ideas and innovations in celebration of Women Veterans Day 2021!

We invite you to join the celebration and cheer on these amazing women as they pitch their ideas and innovative businesses that can and are driving our Texas economy.

Join us for a day filled with a series of Fireside Chats with business experts from across our nation.

Join our distinguish Judges on the Zoom platform to cast your vote for the Audience Choice Award.

Enjoy our Partner Posse Panel discussions providing you a play by play of each pitch.

We know that Women Veterans have some amazing business concepts and outstanding businesses serving our communities and driving our national economy.

During this Pitch Competition, the Women Veteran winners will claim bragging rights for their branch of service because every military branch believes they have the best of the best.
Moreover; and in Texas, every City has its share of claims as the best place for entrepreneur women and veterans.


Audience Choice Award $750

Now is the time to join the celebration as we continue our commitment to educating, validating, and commemorating women who have and are serving in our military every Women Veterans Day!

Financial Fridays: Personal Finance – Identity Theft & Fraud

These Financial Friday education workshops from the LiftFund Dallas/Fort Worth Women\’s Business Center focus on financial health for small businesses. Presented by BBVA’s Center for Financial Education. The June topic is Personal Finance – Identity Theft & Fraud. Learn to protect and identify threats to your identity – your very important asset!

Startup Info Session

The Startup Info Session will share a step by step checklist with the important steps that you need to be taking before launching your business. This virtual session is for individuals in the pre-startup stage who are seeking support with the launch of their business. The LiftFund Dallas/Fort Worth Women’s Business Center is funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration.