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Business Origin Stories Series: Eric Burton

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The DEC Network: We got a chance to catch up with Eric Burton, Managing Director of Medworthy, a technology business founded in 2016.

The DEC Network: Here are a few questions we asked Eric.

The DEC Network: What inspired you to start a business? 

Burton: “The origin of this project came to me, [many years ago, after] my mother suffered from a mental disorder due to a car accident in which I was involved in. To prevent anyone else from suffering the same fate, my company is creating a technology that [will increase the safety of cars].”

The DEC Network: Thank you for sharing that very personal story about how you started your business. Tell us a little more about your business.

Burton: “The target audiences are fleet management companies, such as trucking, enterprise fleets, and ride sharing, who want to lower insurance costs and improve driver productivity. [Additionally], secondary markets include auto manufacturers and insurance companies. 

Medworthy leverages the latest technology to provide the opportunity to correct driver behaviors, decrease overhead cost and improve delivery times. Medworthy is able to accomplish this by using real time data and onboard vehicle monitoring to identify the most efficient routes and re-affirm driver behavior. This process has helped our clients achieve lower insurance costs and quicker delivery.”

The DEC Network: Couple more questions! What does your day-to-day work life look like and what’s next for you and your business?

Burton: “[With the assistance of my team], I run the day to day operations, at this time, which includes, sales, marketing and software development. [Additionally], I focus on creating new processes for my employees to follow, [and] I [drive] the brand and company culture, which is communicated to clients on a strategic level.

[Next steps], not only do I want to focus on vehicle safety, but [I also want to] apply the same methodology towards aeronautical flight and beyond.”

The DEC Network: It was amazing to chat with Eric and learn more about his story and business. 

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