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We've partnered with over 100 North Texas businesses to bring you, your one-stop shop for COVID-19 resources as an entrepreneur or small business owner. We've also launched our Fast Start Mentor Program, which pairs struggling small business owners with tenured entrepreneurs who have been through a crisis. Apply to be a mentor or mentee here.

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (The DEC Network) is a 501c3 non-profit organization driving innovation and economic impact by helping entrepreneurs start, build and grow their businesses. Through a number of innovation hubs across DFW, The DEC Network provides entrepreneurs with education, mentorship, community, and advocacy.

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We're here to boost the DFW entrepreneurial community - that's our job. Our main focuses are centered around how we can support the community and leaning into our philanthropic side. Our philanthropic side is really No.1: It's job creation in underdeveloped areas, and we’re going to continue on that path.

Alyce Alston | CEO, The DEC

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Our Mentorship Program recognizes that in order to grow businesses, an entrepreneur needs access to qualified and experienced mentors. Mentors provide expedient advice, counsel, and experience that can help entrepreneurs avoid the hurdles that stand in their path, while also being able to catapult their businesses forward. The DEC provides access to more than 1,000 mentors in our network, all of whom are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed and supporting entrepreneurship to those in The DEC network.


Our members come from all sorts of different industries, experience levels, and backgrounds. These are some of the brightest visionaries and most courageous citizens in our community. We work hand in hand with our members to help them move their businesses forward. Through taking a keen interest in our members, we work together with them to provide the tools and resources necessary for success. We are not interested in just renting our members a desk, but rather in helping them actively start, build, and grow their businesses to find ultimate success.