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The DEC Network drives innovation and economic impact by helping entrepreneurs start, build, and grow their businesses through the organization’s mission, diverse board and staff, programs, and innovation hubs located in Oak Cliff (The DEC Network @ Redbird) as well as our new hub in Fort Worth called Create Fort Worth. When you make a gift to The DEC Network, your generosity provides critical support to our mission and four pillars: education, mentorship, community, and advocacy.

For more information on how you can support The DEC Network or for any questions, please contact us at!


The DEC Network blends online and offline educational resources as well as events, weekly workshops and training cohorts that support startups at various stages of business development and growth.

We have key education programs presented through TheDEC@Redbird that serve the entrepreneurial community of Southern Dallas.

When you make a gift to The DEC Network, a portion of your support fuels the educational programs that we provide to entrepreneurs at no cost.


The DEC Network Mentor Program provides entrepreneurs access to experienced entrepreneurs to help business owners with specific needs.

Our comprehensive program has cultivated over 250 mentors, who are experts in their fields, to help entrepreneurs, at any stage of their business, while also catapulting their business forward.

We have successfully matched more than 200 small businesses and entrepreneurs with mentors and business experts located in North Texas.


Signature Programs: The DEC Network provides entrepreneurs access to nationally-recognized entrepreneurial events each year and at no cost to participants including Dallas Startup Week, which is a free, six-day event that impacts more than 10,000 North Texas entrepreneurs, WEDallas series, to support and empower women as well as Disrupt Dallas series to provide support to entrepreneurs of color.

Community Membership: The DEC Network also serves a growing number of more than 900 founders through the organization’s free community membership program. Community members receive access to exclusive resources, workshops and events that enable entrepreneurs to connect with one another and build a broader network of support.


The DEC Network has partnered with more than 200 organizations in North Texas in order to help provide entrepreneurs the resources, training, and programming needed in order to achieve success.

The DEC Network is committed to elevating the most urgent needs of the North Texas entrepreneurial community through our events, programs, partnerships, training opportunities and membership program.