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Empowering Logistics: The Story of Resilient Freight Solutions

Resilient Freight Solutions supports businesses in the Trucking & Warehousing Industry with
their operational and logistical needs. The mission of Resilient Freight Solutions is clear: “To
enhance business operational efficiencies through a comprehensive one-stop solution and our
tailored logistics service approach.”

Meet Haydee:
Haydee, the founder of Resilient Freight Solutions, is not only a veteran sales professional but
also a logistics enthusiast. Drawing from her extensive experience in CPG Manufacturing and
her connections in the trucking industry through her brother, Haydee turned her passion for
logistics into a thriving business venture.

Supporting Transportation:
At Resilient Freight Solutions, Haydee has fostered an environment of support and growth for
both clients and personnel. She emphasizes, “Beyond optimizing operations for our clients, our
mission at Resilient Freight Solutions is to create a supportive environment for growth. We are
committed to providing opportunities for women, mothers seeking remote work, and individuals
looking for a fresh start. We aim to build a community where everyone feels valued and
empowered to succeed.”

The DEC Network Journey:
Motivated by the DEC Network’s stellar reputation, Haydee decided to join the WeDallas sponsored by Capital One 2023 Fall Cohort / Pitch Competition, where she secured second place and was awarded $1,500. This
win enabled her to hire a Customer Service Assistant who has been instrumental in the growth of
her business. Through her endeavors, Haydee aspires to inspire more women and Latinas to
pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.