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Celebrating National Small Business Week at the DEC Network

As National Small Business Week draws to a close, The DEC Network reflects
on the entrepreneurs and small businesses keeping the DFW business ecosystem alive
and thriving! The entrepreneurs who participated in the Your Startup Pitch Competition
engaged in a 13-week intensive program to transform their small businesses and side
hustles. The businesses included a variety of products and services ranging from
skincare to party rentals. In celebration of National Small Business Week, The DEC
Network has compiled a list of the participants and information about their businesses
and services.

Introducing the 2024 Your Startup Pitch Businesses and Participants!
L2 Soft Play
By Azlynn Tanksley

L2 Soft Play is a party rental company specializing in delivering interactive and
personalized soft play experiences to events. They provide sanitized, customized, and
mobile learning products focused on children aged six months to five years old.
Learn more at:

Brown Brownie
By Devon Brown

Brown Brownie is a stationery brand celebrating diversity, empowerment, and inclusivity.
They offer a variety of products, including specially crafted wrapping paper and greeting
cards. Their designs highlight African Americans, Latinos, and individuals of mixed
Learn more at:
Body Spring
By Meena McCullough

Body Spring LLC has developed its own Fascia Protocol Methodology to maximize
health and well-being. They offer 12 products along with their own protocols to aid in
physical therapy and help achieve a more active lifestyle.
Learn more at:
Parrish Business Solutions
By Patsy Parrish

Parrish Business Services is a consultancy focused on delivering executive coaching
and C-suite leadership development. They maintain a focus on the critical role of
emotional intelligence and empathy in business executives. Their unique solutions help
guide leaders through beneficial transformations.
Learn more at:
Grab It Non-Toxic
By Sierra Huong Dam

Grab It Non Toxic is a non-toxic and clean skincare brand for everyone. The genderless
skincare line is focused on self-care and self-love through safe and effective clean
Learn more at:
The Tipsy Bloom
By Charity Johnson

The Tipsy Bloom combines blooms and booze through floral arrangements and
assorted wines and spirits. Their workshops inform participants about curating floral
displays using wine and spirits bottles, creating fun social and personally expressive
experiences. Charity placed first place for the Your Startup Pitch Competition!
Learn more at:
By Akaira Simmons

MRS X AKFITNESS LLC is a holistic brand centered around empowering women’s
fitness goals. They focus on teaching self-care and mindfulness to women alongside
their online 21-day challenges and empowerment group fitness classes.
Learn more at:
Ubiquitii Educational Solutions
By Mac Fleming III

Ubiquitii Educational Solutions is a mobile recreational edutainment company that
combines education and entertainment to serve communities seeking to enhance
individuals’ understanding of social and emotional learning concepts. Their
‘edutainment’ experiences cater to all communities, including schools, businesses, and
other institutions.
Learn more at: