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Center for American Entrepreneurship Roundtable Discussion 

November 16, 2023 @ 2:30 pm 3:30 pm

Please register for the GEW session below! Event Timing: Thursday, November 16th, 2023 – 2:30PM to 3:30PM
Event Address: 550 Bailey Ave., #510, Fort Worth, Texas 76107

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The Center for American Entrepreneurship (CAE) is a Washington, DC-based nonpartisan research, policy, and advocacy organization established in 2017. CAE’s mission is to work with U.S. policymakers to enact a comprehensive policy agenda intended to achieve a stronger, more resilient, and inclusive U.S. economy through thriving entrepreneurship. Toward that goal, CAE established the House and Senate Entrepreneurship Caucuses in 2019, and has participated in the introduction of more than 20 pieces of innovation- and entrepreneurship-focused legislation.

To ensure that CAE stays in close touch with entrepreneurs and the issues and challenges that matter most to them, CAE’s staff conducts regular roundtables with entrepreneurs across the country. Over the six years since CAE’s establishment in 2017, CAE’s staff has conducted about 50 such roundtables. Sometimes the roundtables focus on general issues, barriers, and obstacles important to entrepreneurs, while other roundtables focus on a specific area of interest that CAE wants to know more about and understand better.

CAE’s founder and president John Dearie will be in Fort Worth on November 16th and wants to hear from you.  A 90-minute roundtable will be held at HSC Next at 2:30PM on November 16th, co-hosted by Cameron Cushman, AssistanVice President for Innovation Ecosystems at HSC Next. The roundtable discussion will focus on identifying and understanding the major challenges and barriers that confront Fort Worth-area entrepreneurs, and ways that policymakers can potentially help.

The November 16th roundtable is a great way to convey your input and insights as an entrepreneur to someone working on your behalf with policymakers in the nation’s capital. 

More About HSC Next 

HSC Next is helping innovators and entrepreneurs be more successful. The team brings knowledge, experience and resources to foster innovation and connect collaborators. Efforts are focused on two main initiatives: filling the innovation pipeline and building a more robust innovation ecosystem around Fort Worth. The HSC Next team is comprised of experts in business development, ecosystem system building, intellectual property, entrepreneurship and program management. HSC Next operates out of the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

More About GEW NTX

Global Entrepreneurship Week engages 10 million people in over 180 countries to connect entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers, and more.

In true Texas fashion, GEW North Texas goes big! (We were #1 in the USA in 2020 & 2021.) Meet passionate people changing the world this November 14-18 as we continue to celebrate local entrepreneurship and global connections.