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What is The DEC Network?

The DEC Network (formerly the Dallas Entrepreneur Center) is a 501c3 non-profit organization driving innovation and economic impact by helping entrepreneurs start, build and grow their businesses. Through a number of innovation hubs across North Texas, The DEC Network provides entrepreneurs with education, mentorship, community and advocacy.

Who does The DEC Network help?

You may be surprised to learn that The DEC Network isn’t just for startups! Our organization serves a variety of entrepreneurs, including early or growth stage founders, small business owners, side hustlers and serial entrepreneurs, as well as those thinking about starting a business. We even cater to the business community in general, oftentimes offering resources for business professionals, leaders, change-makers and community advocates.

Where are The DEC Network’s locations?

The DEC Network @Redbird

3662 W Camp Wisdom Rd
Suite 2044
Dallas, Texas 75237

Resource hubs at the University of North Texas at Dallas and Paul Quinn College

What is The DEC Network @ Redbird?

The DEC Network @ Redbird is located in the new RedBird development in vibrant Oak Cliff. The DEC Network @ Redbird is dedicated to bringing resources, tools and strategic partnerships to support the entrepreneurs of southern Dallas county.

Who should I contact if I have a specific question for The DEC Network?

For general inquiries, please email

For media requests or inquiries, please email

For questions about events, or if you are a speaker that would like to host an event with The DEC Network, please email

For questions about memberships, please email

For sponsorship inquiries, please email

Events & Programs

What Events and Programs are part of The DEC Network?

The DEC Network hosts a variety of events and programs throughout the year.

Visit our Events and Programs pages for additional information.

For questions or to get involved in any of these programs, please email

What is The DEC Network Mentoring Program?

The DEC Network Mentoring Program (formerly the Fast Start Mentoring Program) pairs entrepreneurs with business veterans who can help plan a path forward—and identify emerging opportunities. Learn more and apply to be a mentor or mentee here. Questions about our mentoring program? Please email us at

What is Dallas Startup Week?

Dallas Startup Week, powered by Capital One, is a FREE, 6-day event that impacts and mobilizes over 10,000 North Texas entrepreneurs and change-makers. Special events during Dallas Startup Week include: Disrupt Dallas, Official Launch Party and Startup Alley, Premiere Keynote Event, Women of Innovation Summit, the State of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Startup Innovation. Learn more and get updates at

What is WEDallas?

WEDallas, powered by Capital One, is a program designed to equip, inspire and empower women entrepreneurs in North Texas through a series of events, workshops and conferences. Sign up for WEDallas updates here.


What does it mean to become a Member of The DEC Network?

Becoming a member of The DEC Network provides many benefits for you as an entrepreneur, business owner, professional or community advocate. The DEC Network Membership Program is an exclusive opportunity for individuals to get plugged into the entrepreneurial community, network, be an advocate of our initiative and receive plenty of resources all in return for your support.

What are the different membership program tiers?

We offer five different membership tiers: Community, Virtual, Co-working, Dedicated and Alumni.

If you were a member of our past membership program, you qualify to join the Alumni Membership program. Please go tour our “Coworking” page on our website to learn more.

Do I have to pay fees for the membership program?

You have the option to join either our free membership, or one of our paid memberships. What differentiates our memberships is the level of perks you can receive and what you can gain access to.  Please visit the “Coworking” page on our website to learn more and determine which membership tier is best for you.

Get Involved

How can I get involved with The DEC Network?

We provide a variety of opportunities for entrepreneurs and community advocates to get involved with The DEC Network.

Are you a business leader or tenured entrepreneur that would like to mentor a small business owner? Offer your expertise and wisdom as a mentor in The DEC Network Mentoring Program. Learn more about the program on our “Programs” page and sign up here.

Are you a college student seeking an internship? We have a robust internship program, offering many different positions in events and programming, marketing, financial services, mentoring, sponsorships and more. Please email your resume to if you would like to intern with us.

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? We provide opportunities for volunteers during Dallas Startup Week and other large-scale events. Please email if you would like to volunteer with us.

Is there another way you would like to get involved? You are more than welcome to use our contact form to let us know how you’d like to get involved, or email us at

How can I stay connected and up to date with The DEC Network?

Our weekly newsletters have a variety of content and resources highlighting entrepreneurial initiatives from The DEC Network and our partners in the ecosystem. Click here to sign up!

You can also connect with us across our social media channels by simply searching for @thedecnetwork on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

How can I give a monetary donation to The DEC Network?

Thank you so much for considering a donation to our organization! You can donate any amount $1,000 or less here. If you would like to give more than $1,000 or if you have any questions about giving, please reach out to us at