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CEO of The DEC Network, Alyce Alston and Cleo Greene from WFAA talk with some of the local startups featured at Dallas Startup Week 

Entrepreneurs gather for Dallas Startup Week

Thousands of entrepreneurs, investors and community leaders are expected to attend Dallas Startup Week, which starts today. It's a good chance for them to show off and also inspire each other. For example, CEO Alyce Alston stopped by Good Day to show off some of the cool technology. 

Inside the Launch of Dallas-Based App ‘Rent My Wardrobe’

The launch party, which was punctuated by pink balloons, stringed lights, and massive marquee letters spelling out “Rent My Wardrobe,” was also a celebration of female entrepreneurs. There was a slew of “girl bosses” mingling at the event, including Real Housewives of Dallas stars. 

DSW19: Real Housewives of Dallas Highlight Rent My Wardrobe Launch Party

Rent My Wardrobe, an app that allows you to wear stylish clothes from local closets, celebrated its launch with a party at Circo that featured A-list guests—and a taping of the Real Housewives. Also, it is near securing $1 million in seed funding with a $4 million cap from a network of angel investors and family offices.

Plan Your Week: The Ultimate Guide to DSW19

Dallas Startup Week is returning April 1-5, and we've got your full lean-back guide. From special events, to engaging panels, to interactive showcases, make sure you don't miss a thing.

Hey, Entrepreneurs: Come Party on the Plaza With WFAA for Dallas Startup Week

Alyce Alston, CEO of The DEC Network, encourages attendance, as it’s important to show pride for Dallas-Fort Worth’s startups and robust ecosystem—the drivers of innovation. “Over 50 percent of our job growth comes from startups,” she says, “which makes Dallas Startup Week important to everyone in DFW.”

Dallas Startup Week 2019

The startup game in Dallas is no joke — it is big business. This year’s five-day Dallas Startup Week event will mobilize more than 10,000 entrepreneurs across the city.

Trey Bowles transitions to chairman of The Dallas Entrepreneur Center

In a Medium post on Thursday morning, Trey Bowles announced that he is shifting to the role of executive chairman for The Dallas Entrepreneur Center. Now almost in its fifth year, Bowles founded the non-profit organization alongside Jennifer Conley and Jeremy Vickers in 2013 to address a need in North Texas' entrepreneurial community.

2nd Annual DEC Event Aims to Help Minority Entrepreneurs

When minority entrepreneurs and startups relocate to Dallas, many immediately comment on how helpful and friendly their fellow entrepreneurs are, said Brittany Hibbs, director of events and programming at The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC).

Need a Business Plan? Trey Bowles Says These 6 Elements are Essential

There are six key elements to a perfect business plan/executive summary that, if correctly communicated, will give a thorough overview to your business. This will help investors/partners/customers get a good sense of a) the problem you are solving b) the plan you have to address the problem, and c) the roadmap you have to fill a need in a given marketplace.

Dallas is getting smarter! The technology, at least

DALLAS -- The historic West End of Dallas is getting a lot smarter, y'all! And we don't mean Wild Bill from the well known western store went back to school! The area had an eight-foot tall kiosk show up in the past two days, and that piece of technology is going to change the whole district.

Dallas Takes Step Closer in Becoming ‘Smart City’

Two new 55-inch touchscreens and other smart features unveiled in the West End represent a large leap forward for Dallas’ Smart Cities initiative. The screens, which are part of the Dallas Innovation Alliance’s Smart Cities Living Lab, display points of interest, restaurants, parks, and other relevant information to pedestrians. Directions can be sent to your phone via text or email. There’s even a selfie mode.

Dallas Startup Ecosystem: Collaboration Is the New Competition

During this year’s Dallas Startup Week, the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) hosted the 4th Annual State of Entrepreneurship in Dallas. The event highlighted 2016 wins, launches, acquisitions, and the mechanics of the startup ecosystem. A highlight of the event included the award for the Startup Evangelist of the Year.

North Texas’ rich video game history could influence virtual reality’s future

More recently, many North Texas game developers have seen immense success in the mobile game market, developing popular titles like Words With Friends, Dungeon Boss and Hero Academy. Some local developers led the charge when it came to the mobile game market, and at least a couple companies now have their sights set on VR.

Start-Up Scene Moving to South Dallas with New Center

Dallas-Fort Worth is synonymous with big business. There are 21 Fortune 500 companies that call Texas home. The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, which is an innovator hub for start-up companies, will open four new locations in South Dallas