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Empowering Entrepreneurs and Driving Growth: The DEC Network’s 2023 Impact Report Unveiled

The entrepreneurial landscape in Dallas-Fort Worth received a significant boost in 2023, thanks to the unwavering commitment and impactful initiatives of The DEC Network. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, The DEC Network has been at the forefront of driving innovation and economic impact, supporting entrepreneurs in starting, building, and growing their businesses. The recently released 2023 Impact Report paints a compelling picture of the organization’s achievements and its profound influence on the local entrepreneurial community.

Fostering Community Through 51 Free Events

One of the standout features of The DEC Network’s 2023 impact was the commitment to community engagement. The organization hosted an impressive 51 free events, providing a platform for entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and collaborate. These events, ranging from workshops to networking sessions, played a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and supportive community.

Bridging Knowledge Gaps with 9600+ Attendees

Accessibility and inclusivity were key themes in The DEC Network’s initiatives. The diverse range of events attracted over 9600 attendees, representing a cross-section of the entrepreneurial community. By creating an environment that transcends barriers, the organization ensured that knowledge and resources were accessible to all, contributing to a more inclusive and robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Fueling Growth with $2.58 Million in Funding

Tangible success stories emerged from The DEC Network’s efforts, with entrepreneurs within its network securing an impressive $2.58 million in funding. This financial injection served as a catalyst for innovation and growth, empowering these businesses to reach new heights. The organization’s strategic collaborations with investors played a pivotal role in making these funding opportunities a reality.

Championing Diversity: 75% BIPOC or Female Founders

Diversity and inclusion took center stage in The DEC Network’s impact report. An impressive 75% of the entrepreneurs served by the organization were either BIPOC or female founders. This intentional focus on underrepresented groups highlights The DEC Network’s commitment to building a more diverse and equitable entrepreneurial landscape.

Job Creation and Sustained Impact

Beyond numbers, The DEC Network’s impact extended to the job market. The initiatives undertaken in 2023 resulted in the creation of 450 new jobs, while also sustaining 2033 existing jobs. This ripple effect in job creation underscores the organization’s role as a catalyst for economic growth and sustainability.

Looking Ahead: A Catalyst for Innovation

As The DEC Network reflects on its achievements in 2023, the organization remains steadfast in its mission to drive innovation and economic impact. With innovation hubs strategically located across the DFW region, the stage is set for even greater collaboration, mentorship, and community building in the years to come.

For a detailed overview of The DEC Network’s 2023 Impact Report and to explore the full range of initiatives, please download our digital copy below.

In conclusion, The DEC Network’s 2023 Impact Report is a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and commitment to fostering entrepreneurship. As the organization continues to evolve and expand its reach, the impact on the Dallas-Fort Worth entrepreneurial landscape promises to be even more profound. The journey to innovation and economic growth is ongoing, and with The DEC Network leading the way, the future looks bright for entrepreneurs in the DFW region.