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New Pitch Competition + Showcase for Black Founders

We know that less than 5% of startup funding is invested in underrepresented groups, and less than 3% of those funded are women-owned startups. Demetra Brown, senior director, the dec network | redbird BIG iDEA Dallas, a seven-week intensive program designed to help propel Black

The Three Best Qualities Of An Entrepreneur

The 3 Best Qualities of An Entrepreneur  I’ve had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs of all types and some are pure visionaries, while others are executors but only a select few are both. But no matter what type of entrepreneur they may be, they all seem to share at least three qualities, and those are the

#DECSTORIES: Wins From DEC Members

The DEC was created to help entrepreneurs start, build, and grow businesses. We have helped companies in a myriad of different ways by providing the key tools and resources necessary to help their business grow. But, what does that mean? What tools and resources are necessary

It’s Okay To Be A Little Crazy

I’ve had the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs of all types throughout my career. Some are pure visionaries, while others are executors. Only a select few are both. But no matter what type of entrepreneur they may be, they all seem to share at least three

Why Youth Entrepreneurs Are Mega-Entrepreneurs

I had the distinct pleasure of judging the Youth Entrepreneur Contest at MegaFest this past weekend.  In typical fashion, I was prepared for the standard process of entrepreneurs pitching their ideas and looking for the grand prize.  We had two different groups of students that we got