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Empowering Mompreneurs and Female Corporate Side Hustlers: The Story of Brands ByBrie

Brands By Brie: Coaching and consulting company, Brands By Brie, is dedicated to equipping
“mompreneurs and female corporate side hustlers” with the tools and training necessary to
achieve financial freedom. Their goal is to assist these entrepreneurs in generating an additional
income of $500 to $1500 monthly. With a mission to empower 1000 women entrepreneurs,
Brands By Brie aims to help individuals turn their passion into profitable products and services
that resonate with their target audience.

Meet Brie:
Founder of Brands By Brie, Brieanna Lightfoot Smith, experienced a pivotal moment when she
passed out in her car while seven months pregnant in 2017. Balancing full-time work, part-time
commitments, and her own business led to extreme burnout for Brieanna. She felt compelled to
continuously work without taking a break, fearing the repercussions it might have on her family.
It was during this challenging period that Brieanna realized the importance of working smarter,
not harder, to increase income.

Supporting Mompreneurs and Female Corporate Side Hustlers:
Since then, Brieanna has expanded her business to assist over 120 women in business by helping
them clarify their offers, master their mindset and mission, and create systems to confidently sell
their products and services. At its core, Brands By Brie empowers mompreneurs and female
corporate side hustlers in Dallas to invest in themselves and their families without compromising
their household budgets.

The DEC Network Journey:
After being tagged in a DEC Network Instagram post promoting their “Your Level Up” initiative,
Brieanna applied and was accepted. She has since had the opportunity to host the Mompreneur
Summit and is a proud graduate of the WEDallas sponsored by Capital One program. Brieanna credits The DEC Network as the platform where she truly began marketing herself as a business coach for moms. Her
advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: “You should absolutely get plugged in!
Entrepreneurship can feel lonely and isolating, but The DEC is here to help you get connected!”