[Dallas, TX] – Third Eye Network (TEN) is collaborating with local entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) to host its annual Network Partner Retreat in Dallas, TX on March 9–11, 2023. Partnering ESOs include the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce (TAAACC), the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, and The DEC Network. This year’s retreat will provide technical assistance and networking opportunities to more than 30 local small business owners and nearly 10 ESOs. Local partners will host a resource fair, networking reception, and a workshop for regional ESOs serving as “spokes” to TAAACC under the Small Business Administration’s Community Navigator Pilot Program. 

The retreat reinforces TEN’s commitments to social transformation and community wealth building as they invest directly in communities of interest. Dallas was selected by polling its network of staff, strategic partners, and subcontractors. Each year, the agency chooses a new community to host its retreat based on where network members reside and where it seeks to do business. It’s an opportunity to invest in local economies, learn about the social and cultural environment, support local capacity building for small businesses and their ecosystems, and explore collaboration opportunities. 

Partner Statements: 

“TAAACC is excited to welcome the Third Eye Network to Dallas for their Network Partner Retreat. As the state that is projected with the largest population of Black people in the country, it is crucial that businesses of color are not only present in our marketplace, but are providing services and opportunities to build our community’s ecosystem.” – Matt Houston, Chairman, TAAACC & Past President, Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce 

“They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes an ecosystem to scale a small business. Having a partner like Third Eye Network is vital to connecting entrepreneurs and business support organizations to the resources that matter.” – Tarsha Hearns, Senior Director, The DEC Network 

Company Overview: 

Third Eye Network, LLC (TEN) is an innovative multicultural management strategy consortium serving a diverse multi-sector clientele. TEN bolsters deep domain knowledge in evidence-based management and community wealth building, taking multi-faceted approaches to advancing social and economic transformation within communities across the nation.