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Myngly: Navigating the Networking Landscape for Success

Introduction: Welcome to Myngly, the innovative networking app designed for individuals who seek to connect, learn, and thrive in real-life experiences. Founded by Sara Doutt, Myngly is not just another social app; it’s a community-driven networking hub that bridges the gap between the digital and physical realms. Sara, a seasoned professional with a background in finance, recognized the need for a platform that empowers diverse individuals to forge meaningful connections in the post-pandemic era.

Bridging the Gap: Sara describes Myngly as “like a Waze for your professional life.” The platform boasts real-time mapping, personalized event filters, attendee insights, and fosters a community of mutual support for efficient and impactful networking. In a world where face-to-face connections are vital for long-term business relationships, Sara saw an opportunity to create a platform that goes beyond virtual interactions, offering a GPS for one’s career.

Dallas Startup Week 2023: Sara’s journey with Myngly intersected with Dallas Startup Week 2023, where she found a community that understood the essence of startups. Introduced to the event through Ben Bhatti at the Dallas Regional Chamber, Sara quickly became an active participant, onboarding users, troubleshooting, and testing new app features throughout the week. The event proved to be a catalyst for Myngly’s growth, fostering collaborations and meaningful connections.

Impact of The DEC Network: Through their involvement with The DEC Network, Sara and Myngly discovered Google for Startups and applied for their program. The $100k in Google Credits received has been instrumental in fueling Myngly’s growth, enhancing app stability, increasing user acquisition, and creating new positions within the company. Sara emphasizes the profound impact of Dallas Startup Week connections on their entrepreneurial journey.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Reflecting on her experience, Sara offers advice for fellow entrepreneurs: “Embrace the ‘give before you get’ philosophy – be a connector and help others grow.” She highlights the impact of attending Dallas Startup Week, providing invaluable networking opportunities, exposure to cutting-edge trends, and connections with mentors and peers.

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