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Business Origin Stories Series: Coy Poitier

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The DEC Network: We got a chance to catch up with Coy Poitier, CEO of Poitier Farms, a community focused farming business founded in 2022.

The DEC Network: Here are a few questions we asked Poitier.

The DEC Network: What inspired you to start a business? 

Poitier:  “I believe starting a business gives you freedom and the ability to control your own destiny. I want to leave behind a successful business that will bring generational wealth for my family.”

The DEC Network: We love your desire to build generational wealth. Tell us a little more about your business.

Poitier: “Poitier Farms, DBA of Poitier and Associates, LLC, is a black-owned and operated startup consultant business that specializes in [managing farmer markets] and creating environmentally-sound landscapes, urban gardens, and food secure communities in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Due to high rates of food insecurity, chronic disease, and hunger in many communities of color in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Poitier Farms will produce healthy, culturally diverse food, year-round, with [its] eco-friendly indoor farm.” 

The DEC Network: Couple more questions! What does your day-to-day work life look like and what’s next for you and your business?

Poitier: “While we continue to grow, we are building partnerships and learning from like-minded entrepreneurs as well as individuals in the agriculture industry. Additionally, in an attempt to understand food needs within black communities, we are doing surveys.

Our goal is to become a major food supplier that will partner with and distribute fresh healthy food, teas, drinks, and herbs, that caters to the Black American communities, in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond.”

The DEC Network: It was amazing to chat with Coy Poitier and learn more about his story and business. 

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